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Monday – Friday:
Lunch 11:30 am – 3:00 pm
Dinner 5:00 pm – late
Brunch 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Dinner 5:00 pm – late

60 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1C9


To create a gathering place that feels like it has always been here. Crafting irresistible dishes with exceptional, fresh, local ingredients. we wanted to create food for feasting.


Tasting Dinners

any given sunday

featuring live music


odd society $10 cocktails 


May 7th   Laura Crema Trio


The breakthrough success of Norah Jones and Diana Krall continues to spawn photogenic female vocalists and the best of them can usually be spotted by the company they keep. Standout instrumentalists like trumpeter Brad Turner or drummer Matt Wilson can help push a singer into a category apart.

Vancouver's Laura Crema has an ageless quality to her dry dark voice - as if it's an instrument that has never been tuned to rock or contemporary pop. Fittingly aside from one original-co-written with pianist George McFetridge -the most recent of the dozen compositions on "Spring is Here" is Paul McCartney's 40-year-old "Blackbird." The Beatles standard is also one of the only tunes here to break the languid mood set by Billy Strayhorn's "A Flower is a Lovesome Thing."

Producer Turner keeps the accompaniment simple allowing Crema's voice to stand out starkly against Bill Coon's guitar on Bruno Martino's "Estate," or contrasting its monochromatic nature against his own leaping and cascading trumpet on Cole Porter's "So In Love." When Crema does extend her voice-most notably on the title piece-she displays a well-defined narrow vibrato but doesn't lose the husky sensuality which is her most defining quality. - James Hale




May 14th   The Burying Ground

The Burying Ground is an upbeat blues string band that brings the fire of punk to the technical prowess and distinct sounds of such early blues country and jazz masters as: Blind Blake; Bessie Smith; Gary Davis; Memphis Minnie; Big Bill Broonzy; Jimmie Rodgers and many others.

If you’ve ever woken up in the morning and your first thought was a song you’ll understand something of the devotional quality that drives their music. Woody’s complex blues guitar and rags are punctuated and raised high by Devora’s tightly syncopated washboard with playful rolls and staccato jumps and stops.

They have a lively and gritty sound with tight harmony and a driving rhythm section reminiscent of the music of the juke joints and jazz halls of the 1920s and '30s. The band moves effortlessly between toe-tapping dance music the yearning of country blues and the embellishments and energy of ragtime and jazz. The Burying Ground breathes new life into old tunes and crafts originals in keeping with old-time style but infused with the vitality and social commentary of contemporary concerns songs rich with the honest stories of real people’s lives.



May 21st Krystal Dos Santos

You can hear her voice across all oceans and terrain….[Krystle] takes the new, mixes it with the old, and creates something undefined. We hope Canada will share her with us.” (Hot Indie Music Review)

Dos Santos uses a sultry tone and eccentric array of melodies to create an intimately magnetic connection with her audience.  She is able to further engage her audience by shifting seamlessly through genres, embodying her musical influences-Nina Simone, Etta James, Alicia Keys-culminating into a powerful live experience that fuses jazz, soul,pop, funk and blues into an arena of styles and sounds that takes listeners from mid-20th century Harlem, right up to present day L.A.


May 28th   Matt Hoyles

“Matt Hoyles was one of my major highlights at CMW 2016. I still can’t believe that voice/ guitar combo.
I want him over in the UK and that’s one of my goals now that I’m back in London.
The first tracks I downloaded when back in the office were Matt’s Nimbus sessions.”

Simon Gurney, BBC Worldwide - May, 2016
Simon Gurney - Licensing & Synchronization Manager at BBC Worldwide

June 4th   Andrea superstein

Montreal-born, Vancouver-based artist Andrea Superstein celebrates the release of her sophomore album What Goes On. This quirky, arty, pop-jazz tour de force sees her teamed up with Juno Award-winning producer Les Cooper (Jill Barber) and is released on Vancouver’s esteemed Cellar Live imprint. Read Full Bio  

steinwww.andreasuperstein.com  www.twitter.com/supersings



June 11th   Tobacco Brown


Tobacco Brown’s style has been described as 'Jack Johnson on anti-depressants' but if you ask him, he'll tell you he’s more like a 'Drunk Ben Harper. In actual fact he's more himself mixed with everybody and no body.  

Using his trusty loop pedal and Fender Strat; Tobacco Brown mixes Jazz, Surf, Blues and Folk to create a bold, expansive sound that is undeniable and uniquely his own!!!  

Tobacco Brown's dynamic live performances generally stops people in their tracks and puts them into a comfort zone that they’ve never before experienced.! He currently has four albums written (one recorded )

www.soundcloud.com/tobaccobrown or https://www.facebook.com/Tobacco-Brown-85190367376/

June 18th   André Lachance

Andre’ Lachance has been a member of the Brad Turner Quartet, the Peggy Lee Band, the Guillaume Bouchard group, the Bruno Hubert Trio, the Ian McDougall Quartet/Sextet, the Chris Gestrin Trio, the Hard Rubber Orchestra, the Kate Hammett-Vaughan Quintet, Stillpoint, the Kevin Elaschuk Quartet and many more ensembles, as well as leading his own group as a guitarist, Quatuor André Lachance, with Chris Gestrin, Brad Turner and Joe Poole.

As a acoustic bassist, electric bassist and guitarist, André has toured extensively both nationally and internationally as well as recording for various labels such as Songlines, Cellar Live, Maximum Jazz, Justin Time, Spool and for the CBC and Radio-Canada. André is involved in projects in jazz, musique actuelle, funk (notably with Soulstream), pop music and has also collaborated with various dance and theatre companies. Teaching both basses and guitar at Capilano University's Bachelor of Jazz program since 1996, as well as being on faculty at the Banff International Jazz Workshop in 2004, he has also been an educator in many workshops in various high school band festivals and music camps across the country. He has also worked as a sound engineer for Radio-Canada FM in Vancouver.



June 25th   Angela Verbrugge Trio

Angela has quickly become recognized as a dynamic and talented traditional pop and jazz vocalist in Vancouver's vibrant music scene. She is primarily influenced by the jazz, musicals, and popular music of the 1930’s to 1950’s. Angela’s heartfelt interpretations of popular standards, forgotten gems, and jazz arrangements from other genres have captured the attention of leading New York musicians, and she will be recording her debut album there in summer 2017.

Angela studies vocal jazz privately with several acclaimed jazz singers in Vancouver. Jennifer Scott wrote, "Angela's exuberance and warmth are qualities that you can count on when hearing her sing! It's always a pleasure to hear her interpretations of standards and her inventive way of finding music that is less explored, as well."

Accepted into the Vermont Jazz Center program in summer 2016, Angela connected with Cameron Brown, bass, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cameron_Brown_(musician) and Ray Gallon, piano, www.raygallon.com who are instructors there. Her debut album will be with them, and Anthony Pinciot

www.angelasjazz.com - www.facebook.com/AngelasJazz - www.soundcloud.com/AngelasJazz